Idaho Statutes

40-121.  Definitions — T. (1) "Technical proposal" means that portion of a design-build firm proposal that contains design solutions and other qualitative factors that are provided in response to a request for proposals.
(2)  "Tourist related advertising sign" means any sign which advertises a specific public or private facility, accommodation or service, at a particular location or site, including: overnight lodging, a camp site, food service, recreational facility, tourist attraction, education or historical site or feature, automotive service, facility or garage.
(3)  "Turnpike project" means any express highway or bridge at locations and between terminals as may be established by the board and constructed or to be constructed under the provisions of chapter 4, title 40, Idaho Code, and shall include all bridges, tunnels, overpasses, underpasses, interchanges, entrance plazas, approaches, toll houses, service areas, service stations, service facilities, communication facilities, and administration, storage and other buildings, which the board may deem necessary for the operation of a project, together with all property, rights, easements, and interests which may be acquired by the board for the construction or the operation of a project.
(4)  "Turnpike revenue bonds" mean bonds of the transportation board authorized under the provisions of section 40-412, et seq., Idaho Code.
(5)  "Two-step selection" means a procurement process in which the first step consists of short-listing based on statements of qualifications submitted in response to a request for qualifications and the second step consists of the submission of price and technical proposals in response to a request for proposals.

[40-121, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 592; am. 2010, ch. 293, sec. 12, p. 783.]

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