Idaho Statutes

40-1105.  Election — Issuance. The election and all acts and proceedings had and taken in connection by highway district commissioners in respect to bonds and the levy of ad valorem taxes for the construction, improvement or repair of highways are legalized, approved and validated and constituted the negotiable legal obligations of the highway district, where:
(1)  A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the qualified electors of the highway district voting on the proposition voted in favor of the issuance of bonds of the highway district;
(2)  Notice of the election was given as essentially provided by section 40-206, Idaho Code;
(3)  The canvass of the vote revealed the required majority was recorded in the records of the highway district commissioners, and a resolution adopted and recorded in the district records authorizing the issuance of bonds of the district;
(4)  The maturity of the bonds was within thirty (30) years;
(5)  A rate of interest was prescribed and an ad valorem tax upon all taxable property in the district sufficient to pay the bonds as maturity was levied; and
(6)  The bonds were in an amount not exceeding ten per cent (10%) of the assessed valuation if sold and delivered prior to July 1, 1980, or two per cent (2%) of the market value for assessment purposes if sold and delivered on or after July 1, 1980, of all taxable property of the highway district, and the proceeds received by the treasurer of the highway district and expended in the construction, improvement or repair of highways located within the highway district.

[40-1105, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 644.]

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