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40-1406A.  Summarization of ordinances permitted — Requirements. (1) In lieu of publishing the entire ordinance under section 40-1406, Idaho Code, the highway district may publish a summary of the ordinance, which summary shall be approved by the governing body and which shall include:
(a)  The name of the highway district;
(b)  The formal identification or citation number of the ordinance;
(c)  A descriptive title;
(d)  A summary of the principal provisions of the ordinance, including penalties provided and the effective date;
(e)  Any other information necessary to provide an accurate summary; and
(f)  A statement that the full text is available at the highway district office.
(2)  Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, whenever any publication is made under this section and the proposed or adopted ordinance contains legal descriptions or contains provisions regarding taxation or penalties concerning real property, those sections containing such information shall be published in full and shall not be summarized. In the case of a legal description of real property, the notice shall also include the street address or addresses of the property described, if any. In the case of a description covering one (1) or more street addresses, the street addresses of the corners of the area described shall meet this requirement. Maps may be substituted for a written legal description of property provided such maps contain sufficient detail to clearly define the area with which the ordinance is concerned.
(3)  Before submission of a summary to a newspaper for publication under this section, the legal advisor of the highway district shall sign a statement, which shall be filed with the ordinance, that the summary is true and complete and provides adequate notice to the public.
(4)  The full text of any ordinance which is summarized by publication under this section shall be promptly provided by the highway district clerk to any citizen on personal request.

[40-1406A, added 2001, ch. 334, sec. 1, p. 1176.]

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