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40-1416.  Authorization for voters to approve vehicle registration fee. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 49-207, Idaho Code, the voters of any county in which a countywide highway district is organized pursuant to chapter 14, title 40, Idaho Code, may authorize the countywide highway district to adopt a resolution by a majority vote of the countywide highway district commissioners to implement and collect a motor vehicle registration fee not to exceed two (2) times the amount established in section 49-402, Idaho Code. The authorization to adopt, implement, and collect a vehicle registration fee may be made by the registered voters of the county only at a general election held in even-numbered years, and a simple majority of the votes cast on the question shall be necessary to authorize the fee.
(2)  In any election, the resolution submitted to the county voters shall:
(a)  State the exact rate of the fee; and
(b)  State the duration of the fee.
No rate shall be increased and no duration shall be extended without the approval of the voters, by the same simple majority of the votes cast.
An election to approve or disapprove the adoption of a vehicle registration fee may be called for by the adoption of a resolution by a majority vote of the countywide highway district commissioners. Any costs incurred to conduct the election for the district shall be paid by the county.
(3)  Any countywide highway district authorized to adopt a resolution for a vehicle registration fee shall contract with the department for the collection, distribution, and administration of the fee in like manner, and under the definitions and rules for the collection and administration of other registration fees as set forth in chapter 4, title 49, Idaho Code. Monthly, following receipt by the department of revenues from the implementation of a vehicle registration fee, the department shall remit the same to the countywide highway district implementing such fee, less a deduction for such amount as may be agreed upon between the department and the commissioners of the countywide highway district, for the department’s actual costs for collection and administration of the fee. The vehicle registration fee shall not become part of the state highway account or state highway distribution account.
(4)  The countywide highway district must use the funds generated by a vehicle registration fee exclusively for the construction, repair, maintenance, and traffic supervision of the highways within its jurisdiction, and the payment of interest and principal of obligations incurred for said purposes.
(5)  Sections 49-405, 49-408, 49-416, 49-404, 49-409, 49-415 and 49-410, Idaho Code, shall be subject to the provisions of this section.

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