Idaho Statutes

40-1702.  Countywide election to adopt method of secondary highway administration — Procedure. (1) In any county where there is a petition for an election to adopt a new method of administration of the secondary highways in the county, the procedure outlined in this chapter shall be followed.
(2)  The petitions signed by five percent (5%) of the qualified voters or twenty-five (25) persons, whichever is greater, of each highway district and the area served by a county road department, where applicable, within the county may be filed with the county clerk and upon the commissioners finding that the petitions have been properly signed and filed, cause the formation of a local highway study commission as provided in section 40-1712, Idaho Code, prior to submitting the matter to vote of the entire county at the next general election, providing that the next general election is not less than one hundred eighty (180) days from the filing of the petitions. All of the laws of the state relating to holding of elections at the county level shall apply to the holding of the election and the notice of election shall notify the electors of the issues to be voted upon at the election, and publication of a notice shall be in accordance with the provisions of title 34, Idaho Code. Public hearings within the county shall be held, as deemed advisable, by the highway study commission.
(3)  The election shall be conducted in such a manner that the vote is canvassed separately in each of the existing highway districts and the area served by a county road department, where applicable.
(4)  The county clerk in the notice of election shall indicate polling places as designated by the county commissioners for each precinct and/or district, as appropriate, to adequately provide for the vote at the election. Every qualified elector of the county may vote.
(5)  The vote shall be canvassed by the county board of canvassers within the time specified in chapter 12, title 34, Idaho Code.

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