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40-514.  Public transportation services — Public transportation services advisory council created — Interagency working group created — Department support. (1) All state agencies except the department of education and all public entities that use public funds to provide public transportation services within the state shall report not less often than semiannually to the department the amount of funding expended, audits conducted, the number of passengers carried, the agency vehicles used and the vehicle miles driven to provide transportation for Idaho citizens. Upon receipt of such information, the department shall:
(a)  Develop a uniform data collection and reporting system. Information from said system shall be submitted annually to the joint finance-appropriations committee of the Idaho legislature and, as public information, shall also be available upon request;
(b)  In cooperation with other state agencies and public entities, develop a comprehensive plan for public transportation; and
(c)  Provide assistance to operators of local and regional transportation systems that are consistent with public program objectives of the state plan.
(2) (a)  There is hereby created the public transportation advisory council to advise the Idaho transportation department on issues and policies regarding public transportation in Idaho. The council shall participate in planning activities, identify transportation needs, and promote coordinated transportation systems. Before setting programs and priorities, the council shall seek pertinent information, facts and data from local governments, agencies and providers regarding rural public transportation issues.
(b)  The advisory council shall be composed of six (6) members appointed by the Idaho transportation board. Appointed members shall be representatives of local governments and agencies, private organizations, citizen groups and private providers that have an interest in public transportation, and people with disabilities and the elderly who utilize public transportation. The board shall appoint said members from recommendations submitted by said organizations, groups, providers, users and state agencies in each district. One (1) member shall be appointed from each of the six (6) transportation department districts as provided in section 40-303, Idaho Code. The term of each member shall be three (3) years, and the initial appointments to the council shall be such that two (2) members shall be appointed each year thereafter.
(c)  The council is authorized to meet three (3) times per year, with additional meetings as authorized by the board.
(d)  Members of the advisory council shall be reimbursed according to the provisions of section 59-509(g), Idaho Code.
(3) (a)  The director of the Idaho transportation department, together with the directors of the affected state agencies, shall establish an interagency working group to advise and assist the department in analyzing public transportation needs, identifying areas for coordination, and developing strategies for eliminating procedural and regulatory barriers to coordination at the state level. The group shall undertake detailed work assignments related to transportation services that promote cooperation and collaboration among systems.
(b)  The working group shall be composed of a representative from the office of the governor and one (1) staff representative from each of the following agencies that expend public funds for transportation services or associations representing public transportation interests:
(i)    Idaho commission on aging;
(ii)   Two (2) representatives from the Idaho department of health and welfare, one (1) of whom shall represent the division of medicaid;
(iii)  Idaho state department of education;
(iv)   Idaho transportation department;
(v)    Community transportation association;
(vi)   Idaho council on developmental disabilities;
(vii)  Division of vocational rehabilitation; and
(viii) Idaho department of labor, workforce development council.
(c)  Ex officio members may be appointed to the group as deemed necessary. Members of the working group representing state agencies shall be reimbursed by their respective agencies according to the provisions of section 59-509(b), Idaho Code.
(4)  The interagency working group established in subsection (3) of this section shall:
(a)  Meet at least once in each calendar quarter;
(b)  Discuss all agenda items submitted to it by any member of the group;
(c)  Provide notice of each meeting at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting; and
(d)  Annually elect a chairman from among its members; such person shall not serve consecutive terms as chairman.
(5)  The department shall provide the administrative support required by the council and the interagency working group.

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