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41-1505.  Duties of insurers. (1) The insurer shall have on file an independent financial examination, in a form acceptable to the director, of each MGA with whom it has done business.
(2)  If a MGA establishes loss reserves, the insurer shall annually obtain the opinion of an actuary attesting to the adequacy of loss reserves established for losses incurred and outstanding on business produced by the MGA. This is in addition to any other required loss reserve certification.
(3)  The insurer shall conduct an on-site review of the underwriting and claims processing operations of the MGA on a semiannual or more frequent basis.
(4)  Binding authority for all reinsurance contracts or participation in insurance or reinsurance syndicates shall rest with an officer of the insurer, who shall not be affiliated with the MGA.
(5)  Within thirty (30) days of entering into or termination of a contract with a MGA, the insurer shall provide written notification of such appointment or termination to the director. Notices of appointment of a MGA shall include:
(a)  A statement of duties which the applicant is expected to perform on behalf of the insurer;
(b)  The lines of insurance for which the applicant is to be authorized to act; and
(c)  Any other information the director may request.
(6)  An insurer shall review its books and records each quarter to determine if any agent has become, by operation of the provisions of section 41-1502(3) and (4), Idaho Code, a MGA as defined in that section. If the insurer determines that an agent has become a MGA pursuant to the above, the insurer shall promptly notify the agent and the director of such determination and the insurer and agent must fully comply with the provisions of this chapter within thirty (30) days.
(7)  An insurer shall not appoint to its board of directors an officer, director, employee, agent or controlling shareholder of its MGA. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to relationships governed by chapter 38, title 41, Idaho Code.

[41-1505, added 1991, ch. 293, sec. 1, p. 757.]

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