Idaho Statutes

41-2008.  Credit union groups. The lives of a group of individuals may be insured under a policy issued to a credit union, which shall be deemed the policyholder, to insure eligible members of the credit union for the benefit of persons other than the credit union or its officials, subject to the following requirements:
(1)  The members eligible for insurance under the policy shall be all of the members of the credit union, or all except any as to whom evidence of individual insurability is not satisfactory to the insurer, or all of any class or classes thereof determined by conditions pertaining to their age or membership in the credit union or both.
(2)  The premium for the policy shall be paid by the policyholder, either wholly from the credit union’s funds, or partly from such funds and partly from funds contributed by the insured members, specifically for their insurance. No policy shall be issued for which the entire premium is to be derived from funds contributed by the insured members specifically for their insurance.
(3)  The policy must cover at least twenty-five (25) members at the date of issue.
(4)  The amount of insurance under the policy shall not exceed the amount of the total shares and deposits of the member in or with the credit union.

[I.C., sec. 41-2008, as added by 1969, ch. 214, sec. 56, p. 625.]

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