Idaho Statutes

41-2805.  Filing of articles. (1) The incorporators shall submit the executed articles of incorporation of a proposed stock or mutual insurer in triplicate to the director for review. If the director finds the articles to be in compliance with this code he shall deliver an original thereof to the attorney general for examination. After examining the articles, the attorney general shall return them to the director accompanied by his opinion certifying as to whether or not he has found the articles to be in accordance with the laws of this state and not inconsistent with the constitution of this state. If the attorney general has found the articles to be in accordance with law, the director shall, upon payment of the fees prescribed by law therefor, and except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, certify his approval upon each of the three (3) originals of the articles, file one (1) of such originals in his office and deliver two (2) of such originals to the incorporators, one (1) to be retained by the corporation as part of its corporate records, and one (1) to be filed with the secretary of state.
(2)  If upon reviewing or examining the articles of incorporation as hereinabove provided, the director or the attorney general finds that the articles do not comply with this code or are not in accordance with the laws of this state, or are inconsistent with the constitution of this state, as the case may be, the director shall refuse to approve the articles and shall return all originals of the articles to the incorporators accompanied by a written statement of the defects in the articles or reasons upon which his refusal is based.
(3)  The secretary of state shall not permit the filing with him or in his office of any such articles of incorporation unless the same bear the director’s approval endorsed thereon as hereinabove provided. The director’s approval, when so endorsed, shall be deemed to relate only to the form of the articles of incorporation, and shall not be deemed to constitute an approval or commitment by the director as to any other aspect or operation of the proposed insurer.
(4)  The director and the attorney general shall perform all duties required of them under this section within a reasonable time after the articles of incorporation have been submitted to the director as in subsection (1) above provided.

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