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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-306.  Exceptions to certificate of authority requirement. A certificate of authority and application therefor pursuant to section 41-319, Idaho Code, shall not be required of an insurer with respect to the following:
(1)  Investigation, settlement, or litigation of claims under its policies lawfully written in this state, or liquidation of assets and liabilities of the insurer (other than collection of new premiums), all as resulting from its former authorized operations in this state.
(2)  Transactions thereunder subsequent to issuance of a policy covering only subjects of insurance not resident, located or expressly to be performed in this state at time of issuance, and lawfully solicited, written and delivered outside this state.
(3)  Transactions pursuant to surplus lines coverages lawfully written under chapter 12, title 41, Idaho Code.
(4)  Reinsurance, when transacted by an insurer duly authorized by its state of domicile to transact the kind of insurance involved.
(5)  The continuation and servicing of life insurance or disability insurance policies or annuity contracts remaining in force as to residents of this state if the insurer has withdrawn from the state and is not transacting new insurance therein.
(6)  A foreign insurer licensed and authorized to sell individual or group accident and sickness insurance in another state as defined pursuant to section 41-306A, Idaho Code, and the insurer obtains a certificate of authority pursuant to that section.

[41-306, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 69, p. 645; am. 2018, ch. 166, sec. 1, p. 339.]

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