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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-337.  Resident agent, countersignature law. (1) Except as provided in section 41-338, Idaho Code, no authorized insurer shall make, write, place or cause to be made, written or placed, any policy or contract of insurance or indemnity of any kind or character, or a general or floating policy covering risks on property located in Idaho, liability created by or accruing under the laws of this state, or undertakings to be performed in this state, except through its resident insurance agents licensed as provided in this code, who shall countersign or cause a facsimile of his signature to be placed on all policies or indemnity contracts so issued, and who shall keep a record of the same, containing the usual and customary information concerning the risk undertaken and the full premium paid or to be paid therefor, to the end that the state may receive the taxes required by law to be paid on premiums collected for insurance on property or undertakings located in this state. When two (2) or more insurers issue a single policy of insurance the policy may be countersigned on behalf of all insurers appearing thereon by a licensed agent, resident in this state, of any one such insurer.
(2)  The agent may grant a power of attorney in writing to an individual who is twenty-one (21) years or more of age authorizing such person to countersign or cause a facsimile of the agent’s signature to be placed on policies and indorsements in his name and behalf. The power of attorney shall be acknowledged by the agent under oath before a notary public and shall be kept on file in the agent’s office.

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