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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-3356.  Claims of residents against insurers domiciled in reciprocal states. (1) In a liquidation proceeding in a reciprocal state against an insurer domiciled in that state, claimants against the insurer who reside within this state may file claims either with the ancillary receiver, if any, in this state, or with the domiciliary liquidator. Claims must be filed on or before the last dates fixed for the filing of claims in the domiciliary liquidation proceeding.
(2)  Claims belonging to claimants residing in this state may be proved either in the domiciliary state under the law of that state, or in ancillary proceedings, if any, in this state. If a claimant elects to prove his claim in this state, he shall file his claim with the liquidator in the manner provided in sections 41-3335 and 41-3336, Idaho Code. The ancillary receiver shall make his recommendation to the court as under section 41-3343, Idaho Code. He shall also arrange a date for hearing if necessary under section 41-3339, Idaho Code, and shall give notice to the liquidator in the domiciliary state, either by certified mail or by personal service at least forty (40) days prior to the date set for hearing. If the domiciliary liquidator, within thirty (30) days after the giving of such notice, gives notice in writing to the ancillary receiver and to the claimant, either by certified mail or by personal service, of his intention to contest the claim, he shall be entitled to appear or to be represented in any proceeding in this state involving the adjudication of the claim.
(3)  The final allowance of the claim by the courts of this state shall be accepted as conclusive as to amount and as to priority against special deposits or other security located in this state.

[41-3356, added 1981, ch. 249, sec. 2, p. 539.]

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