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41-3430.  Contracts covering workmen’s compensation risks. (1) No service corporation shall issue any subscriber’s contract covering, or otherwise insure, any industrial injury or illness with respect to which health care service or indemnity benefits are provided by either federal or state law, or covered under the provisions of the Idaho workmen’s compensation act.
(2)  The restriction set forth in subsection (1) above, shall not be construed as prohibiting hospitals or licensees, either as individuals, partnerships, or as a separate corporation, from contracting directly with employers, in their own right, with respect to such health care services as are provided for in the Idaho workmen’s compensation act.
(3)  A service corporation may act as agent for such hospitals or licensees as may so contract, as referred to in subsection (2) above, for the purpose and to the extent only of the collection of moneys from the employers, the payment of claims therefrom to the hospitals or licensees, the keeping of such records as may be necessarily related thereto, and the rendering of reports to the hospitals or licensees and the Idaho industrial commission. The service corporation shall charge and receive payment of reasonable compensation for such services.
(4)  The service corporation acting as agent as provided in subsection (3) above, shall not at any time be liable as to any claim arising against any employer, except to disburse on behalf of the contracting hospitals or licensees responsible as to such liability, such sums, out of the funds available, as may be awarded or payable under the workmen’s compensation act. The service corporation shall keep all such funds in separate accounts in the names of the respective hospitals or licensees, and shall not commingle them with the funds of the service corporation.

[41-3430, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 788, p. 645; am. 1971, ch. 252, sec. 16, p. 1008.]

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