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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-3603.  Application of act. This act shall apply to all kinds of direct insurance, but shall not be applicable to the following:
(1)  Life, annuity, health or disability insurance;
(2)  Residual value, mortgage guaranty, financial guaranty or other forms of insurance offering protection against investment risks;
(3)  Fidelity or surety bonds, or any other bonding obligations;
(4)  Credit insurance, vendors’ single interest insurance, or collateral protection insurance or any similar insurance protecting the interests of a creditor arising out of a creditor-debtor transaction;
(5)  Insurance of warranties or service contracts, including insurance that provides for the repair, replacement or service of goods or property, indemnification for repair, replacement or service for the operational or structural failure of the goods or property due to a defect in materials, workmanship, or normal wear and tear, or provides reimbursement for the liability incurred by the issuer of agreements or service contracts that provide such benefits;
(6)  Title insurance;
(7)  Ocean marine insurance;
(8)  Any transaction or combination of transactions between a person (including affiliates of such person) and an insurer (including affiliates of such insurer) which involves the transfer of investment or credit risk unaccompanied by transfer of insurance risk;
(9)  Any insurance provided by or guaranteed by government including, but not limited to the state insurance fund, created pursuant to chapter 9, title 72, Idaho Code, and the Idaho petroleum clean water trust fund, created pursuant to chapter 49, title 41, Idaho Code;
(10) Any insurance provided by or through any reciprocal insurer which exclusively insures members who are governmental entities;
(11) Insurance written on a retroactive basis to cover known losses for which a claim has already been made and the claim is known to the insurer at the time the insurance is bound; or
(12) Domestic reciprocal insurers with fewer than seven (7) subscribers which insure only worker’s compensation risks and which only issue fully assessable policies.

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