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41-4005.  Application for registration — Fee. (1) Application for registration of a self-funded plan shall be made to the director, on forms prescribed by the director, seeking such information concerning whether, in the opinion of the director, the plan is qualified for registration. The application shall require the applicant to designate whether the plan is applying for registration as a single employer plan or multiple employer welfare plan or as a postsecondary educational institution student health benefit plan. The application shall be signed and verified by at least one (1) employer or, if applicable, by a person authorized by a postsecondary educational institution to sign the application and at least one (1) plan trustee. If the employer, postsecondary educational institution, or trustee is a corporation, the verification shall be by a duly authorized corporate officer or by a managing member of the plan sponsor if the plan sponsor is a limited liability company.
(2)  The application shall be accompanied by all plan documents including:
(a)  A copy of the irrevocable trust agreement under which the trust fund is to exist and operate;
(b)  A copy of the proposed written statement of benefits referenced in section 41-4004(1)(d), Idaho Code;
(c)  A financial statement of the trust fund, if already in existence and operating at the time of application, certified by an independent certified public accountant. If the trust fund is not in existence at the time of application, a pro forma balance sheet for the start of operation of the plan and a pro forma balance sheet, by month, for the first twelve (12) months of operation of the plan shall accompany the application, provided that all balance sheets shall include actuarially determined claims liabilities;
(d)  A written statement of reasonably projected income and disbursements of the trust fund, by month, for the twelve (12) month period commencing with the effective date of registration of the trust with the department and including changes to claims liabilities fully set forth in the monthly expenses as calculated by a qualified actuary;
(e)  A copy of an actuarial study prepared by a qualified actuary certifying that the rates for the plan are sufficient to cover moderately adverse experience and all costs of operation. The study shall include the development and justification of the assumptions used by the actuary in determining the rates. The rates shall not be less than the sum of projected incurred claims for the year, plus costs of operation, plus any prior year deficiency, less any excess surplus prior to the establishment of the contribution deficit reserve;
(f)  With regard to a single employer plan or a multiple employer welfare plan, if the plan is domiciled outside this state, a letter or other written evidence of good standing from the plan’s regulator in the state of domicile;
(g)  A copy of every contract between the plan and any administrator, trustee or service company;
(h)  A copy of a stop-loss insurance agreement issued by an insurer authorized to do business in this state providing both specific and aggregate coverage in an amount as annually indicated in the actuarial opinion for the plan, provided the director may waive the requirements for aggregate stop-loss coverage if such coverage is not reasonably available or otherwise deemed appropriate;
(i)  A copy of the policy, contract, certificate, summary plan description or other evidence of the benefits and coverages provided to beneficiaries, including a table of the rates charged or proposed to be charged for each form of such contract accompanied by a certification of a qualified actuary that:
(i)   The rates are neither inadequate nor excessive nor unfairly discriminatory;
(ii)  The rates are appropriate for the classes of risks for which they have been computed; and
(iii) An adequate description of the rating methodology has been filed with the director and the methodology follows consistent and equitable actuarial principles; and
(j)  Such other relevant documentation and information as the director may reasonably require.
(3)  The application shall be signed under oath by the plan sponsor or the trustee of the plan, and the application shall also include:
(a)  A copy of any articles of incorporation and bylaws or any founding documents and bylaws of any entity acting as a plan sponsor;
(b)  A list of the names, addresses and official capacities concerning the plan of the individuals who will be responsible for the management and conduct of the affairs of the plan, including all trustees, officers and directors. Biographical affidavits shall be submitted for all trustees and management personnel on a form prescribed by the director. Management personnel of the trust shall be experienced and competent to ensure the trust’s compliance with Idaho laws and rules. Such individuals shall fully disclose the extent and nature of any contracts or arrangements between them and the plan, including any possible conflicts of interest; and
(c)  A copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, if any, and irrevocable trust agreement of the plan, as well as any other document concerning the operation of the plan.
(4)  At the time of filing the application the applicant shall pay to the director a nonrefundable filing fee as provided for by rule.
(5)  The director shall transmit and account for all fees received by him hereunder as provided in section 41-406, Idaho Code.

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