Idaho Statutes

41-5109.  Duties of reinsurers utilizing the services of a reinsurance intermediary — Manager. (1) A reinsurer shall not engage the services of any person, firm, association or corporation to act as a RM on its behalf unless such person is licensed as required in section 41-5103(2), Idaho Code.
(2)  The reinsurer shall annually obtain a copy of the statement(s) of the financial condition of each RM which such reinsurer has engaged, prepared by an independent certified accountant in a form acceptable to the director.
(3)  If a RM establishes loss reserves, the reinsurer shall annually obtain the opinion of an actuary attesting to the adequacy of loss reserves established for losses incurred and outstanding on business produced by the RM. This opinion shall be in addition to any other required loss reserve certification.
(4)  Binding authority for all retrocessional contracts or participation in reinsurance syndicates shall rest with an officer of the reinsurer who shall not be affiliated with the RM.
(5)  Within thirty (30) days of termination of a contract with a RM, the reinsurer shall provide written notification of such termination to the director.
(6)  A reinsurer shall not appoint to its board of directors, any officer, director, employee, controlling shareholder or subproducer of its RM. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to relationships governed by chapter 38, title 41, Idaho Code, or if applicable, chapter 17, title 41, Idaho Code.

[41-5109, added 1992, ch. 82, sec. 1, p. 255; am. 1993, ch. 194, sec. 35, p. 530.]

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