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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-6406.  NAIC AND THIRD-PARTY CONSULTANTS.  (1) The director may retain third-party consultants not otherwise part of the director’s staff as may be reasonably necessary to assist the director in reviewing the CGAD and related information or the insurer’s compliance with this chapter.
(2)  Any persons retained under subsection (1) of this section shall be under the direction and control of the director and shall act in a purely advisory capacity.
(3)  The NAIC and third-party consultants shall be subject to the same confidentiality standards and requirements as the director.
(4)  As part of the retention process, a third-party consultant shall verify to the director, with notice to the insurer, that it is free of a conflict of interest and that it has internal procedures in place to monitor compliance with a conflict and to comply with the confidentiality standards and requirements of this chapter.
(5)  A written agreement with the NAIC and/or a third-party consultant governing sharing and use of information provided pursuant to this chapter shall contain the following provisions and expressly require the written consent of the insurer prior to making public information provided under this chapter:
(a)  Specific procedures and protocols for maintaining the confidentiality and security of CGAD-related information shared with the NAIC or a third-party consultant pursuant to this chapter;
(b)  Procedures and protocols for sharing by the NAIC only with other state regulators from states in which the insurance group has domiciled insurers. The agreement shall provide that the recipient agrees in writing to maintain the confidentiality and privileged status of the CGAD-related documents, materials or other information and has verified in writing the legal authority to maintain confidentiality;
(c)  A provision specifying that ownership of the CGAD-related information shared with the NAIC or a third-party consultant remains with the department of insurance and the NAIC’s or third-party consultant’s use of the information is subject to the direction of the director;
(d)  A provision that prohibits the NAIC or a third-party consultant from storing the information shared pursuant to this chapter in a permanent database after the underlying analysis is completed;
(e)  A provision requiring the NAIC or third-party consultant to provide prompt notice to the director and to the insurer or insurance group regarding any subpoena, request for disclosure or request for production of the insurer’s CGAD-related information; and
(f)  A requirement that the NAIC or a third-party consultant consent to intervention by an insurer in any judicial or administrative action in which the NAIC or a third-party consultant may be required to disclose confidential information about the insurer shared with the NAIC or a third-party consultant pursuant to this chapter.

[41-6406, added 2017, ch. 77, sec. 1, p. 212.]

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