Idaho Statutes

41-701.  Investments. (1) Funds of a domestic insurer shall be invested, reinvested and used in the manner and subject to the conditions, restrictions and limitations set forth in this chapter.
(2)  Investments of a foreign or alien insurer which would be authorized for a like domestic insurer shall be allowed as assets in any determination of its financial condition. Other investments of a foreign or alien insurer which are authorized by the laws of its domicile may be so allowed at the discretion of the director.
(3)  The director may adopt rules establishing standards and limitations for investments by insurers that are not otherwise specifically permitted or prohibited in this chapter. In the absence of a rule prohibiting such, all assets shall be valued according to rules promulgated by the national association of insurance commissioners (NAIC), NAIC’s valuation of securities office or by NAIC’s financial condition subcommittee.

[41-701, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 138, p. 645; am. 1994, ch. 240, sec. 5, p. 755.]

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