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41-705.  Record of investments. (1) The insurer shall make a written record in permanent form showing the authorization as to each investment or loan of its funds, which record shall be signed by an officer of the insurer or by the chairman of the committee authorizing or approving the investment or loan.
(2)  As to each such investment or loan, the insurer’s record shall contain:
(a)  In the case of loans: The name of the borrower; the location of the property; a physical description and the appraised value of the security; the amount of the loan, rate of interest and terms of repayment.
(b)  In the case of securities: The name of the obligor; a description of the security; the amount invested, the rate of interest or dividend, the maturity and yield based upon the purchase price.
(c)  In the case of real estate: The location and legal description of the property; a physical description and the appraised value; the purchase price and terms.
(d)  In the case of all investments:
(i)  The amount of expenses and commissions directly incurred on account of any investment or loan and by whom and to whom payable if not covered by contracts with mortgage loan representatives or correspondents which are part of the insurer’s records.
(ii)  The name of any officer or director of the insurer with an interest in the investment and the nature of the interest. For purposes of this subparagraph, an officer or a director of an insurer has an interest in an investment if:
1.  The insurer acquires or sells the investment directly or indirectly from or to the officer or director; or
2.  The officer or director holds a direct, an indirect, or a contingent interest in the securities or loan representing the investment or in the assets of the person in whose behalf the investment or loan is made.
This paragraph shall not apply to an investment by an officer or a director in common stock, preferred stock, or bonds of a United States publicly traded corporation if the director or officer’s interest in such publicly traded corporation constitutes less than one percent (1%) of the corporation’s total outstanding stock or bonds, in exchange-traded common stock funds or bond funds if listed on a United States regulated exchange, or in mutual funds registered with the securities and exchange commission.

[41-705, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 142, p. 645; am. 1983, ch. 189, sec. 1, p. 510; am. 2019, ch. 112, sec. 1, p. 369.]

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