Idaho Statutes

41-706.  Diversification of investments. An insurer shall invest in or hold as assets categories of investments within applicable limits as follows only:
(1)  One (1) person. An insurer shall not, except with the consent of the director, have at any one (1) time any combination of investments in or loans upon the security of the obligations, property, or securities of any one (1) person, institution, corporation, or municipal corporation, aggregating an amount exceeding ten percent (10%) of the insurer’s assets. This restriction shall not apply as to investments or deposits fully insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation or to general obligations of the United States of America or of any state or include policy or annuity contract loans made under section 41-718, Idaho Code, or to assets subject to section 41-715 or 41-3803, Idaho Code, or to any one (1) domestic reciprocal insurer which exclusively insures members who are political subdivisions, as defined by section 6-902 2., Idaho Code, provided that all such investments comply with the public depository laws.
(2)  Voting stock. An insurer shall not invest in or hold at any one (1) time more than ten percent (10%) of the outstanding voting stock of any corporation, except with the consent of the director given with respect to voting rights of preference stock during default of dividends. This provision does not apply as to stock of subsidiaries of the insurer or a companion company or companies under substantially the same management at the time of purchase, as referred to in section 41-715 or 41-3803, Idaho Code.
(3)  Minimum capital. An insurer (other than title insurer) shall invest and maintain invested funds not less in amount than the minimum paid-in capital stock required under this code of a domestic stock insurer transacting like kinds of insurance, only in cash and the securities provided for under the following sections of this chapter: section 41-707, Idaho Code, (public obligations), and section 41-721, Idaho Code, (real estate mortgages and contracts).
(4)  Life insurance reserves. A life insurer shall also invest and keep invested its funds in an amount not less than the reserves under its life insurance policies and annuity contracts in force, as prescribed by section 41-612, Idaho Code, in cash and/or the securities or investments allowed under this chapter, other than in common stocks, insurance stocks and stocks of subsidiaries of the insurer.
(5)  Other specific limits. Limits as to investments in the category of real estate shall be as provided in section 41-728, Idaho Code; and other specific limits shall apply as stated in the sections dealing with other respective kinds of investments.

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