Idaho Statutes

41-714.  Common stocks. After satisfying the requirements of section 41-706(3) and (4), Idaho Code, (investment of capital and life reserves), an insurer may invest funds in an aggregate amount not in excess of fifteen percent (15%) of its assets in common shares of stock of any solvent institution existing under the laws of the United States or of any state, district or territory thereof, or of the government of Canada or any province thereof, that qualify as a sound investment, in addition to the shares of a substantially owned or wholly owned subsidiary corporation.
For the purpose of determining the investment limitation imposed by this section, the insurer shall value securities subject to the provisions of this section at the cost of the security or at the market value of the security, whichever is lower. However, investments in the shares of subsidiaries or companion insurance companies shall be governed by sections 41-715 and 41-3803, Idaho Code.
The limitations as to investment in common stocks as provided herein shall not apply to nor limit the right of investments in investment trust securities as provided for in section 41-716, Idaho Code.

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