Idaho Statutes

41-725.  "Encumbrance" defined. (1) Real property shall not be deemed to be encumbered within the meaning of section 41-721 by reason of the existence of instruments reserving mineral, oil, timber or similar rights, rights of way, sewer rights, rights in walls, nor by reason of any liens for taxes or assessments not yet due, or on account of liens not delinquent for community recreational facilities, or for the maintenance of community facilities, nor by reason of building restrictions or other restrictive covenants common to the community in which the property is located, nor by liens for service and maintenance of water rights where not delinquent, nor when such real property is subject to lease under which rents or profits are reserved to the owner if in any event the security for the loan or investment is a first lien upon the real property.
(2)  If under any of the exceptions set forth in subsection (1) of this section there is any sum owing but not due or delinquent, the total amount of such sum shall be deducted from the amount which otherwise might be loaned on the property. The value of any mineral, oil, timber or similar right reserved shall not be included in the fair value of the property.

[41-725, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 162, p. 645.]

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