Idaho Statutes

41-726.  Special investments by title insurer. (1) In addition to other investments eligible under this chapter, a title insurer may invest in its abstract plant and equipment, and in loans secured by mortgages on abstract plants and equipment, which plant investment shall not exceed fifty per cent (50%) of its paid-in capital stock and paid-in surplus unless a greater amount is approved in advance by the director. Except with the director’s consent, the insurer shall not invest or have invested in stocks of subsidiaries and other corporate stocks an amount in excess of the insurer’s surplus funds exclusive of its paid-in capital stock.
(2)  In any determination of the insurer’s financial condition no investment in abstract plant and equipment, or in loans secured by mortgages thereon, shall be valued at an amount in excess of the lesser of (a) the cost thereof to the insurer, or (b) the fair market value.
(3)  No investment as determined in subparagraph (2) above shall be credited against the insurer’s unearned premium or loss reserves required under section 41-611, Idaho Code.

[41-726, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 164, p. 645; am. 1972, ch. 138, sec. 1, p. 305.]

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