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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-731.  Prohibited investments and investment underwriting. (1) In addition to investments excluded under other provisions of this code, an insurer shall not directly or indirectly invest in or loan its funds upon the security of:
(a)  Issued shares of its own capital stock, except for the purpose of mutualization under section 41-2854, Idaho Code, or in connection with a plan approved by the director for purchase of such shares by the insurer’s officers, employees, or agents, or for other reasonable purposes under a plan filed with and approved by the director. No such stock shall, however, constitute an asset of the insurer in any determination of its financial condition.
(b)  Except with the director’s consent, any security issued by any corporation or enterprise the controlling interest of which is, or will after such acquisition by the insurer be, held directly or indirectly by the insurer or any combination of the insurer and the insurer’s directors, officers, parent corporation, subsidiaries, controlling stockholders, and the spouses and children of any of the foregoing individuals. Investments in subsidiaries under sections 41-706(2), 41-715 and 41-3803, Idaho Code, shall not be subject to this provision.
(c)  Any note or other evidence of indebtedness of any director, officer, or controlling stockholder of the insurer, or the spouse or child of any of the foregoing individuals, except as to policy loans authorized under section 41-718, Idaho Code.
(d)  Any investment or security which is found by the director to be designed to evade any prohibition of this chapter.
(2)  No insurer shall underwrite or participate in the underwriting of an offering of securities or property by any other person.

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