Idaho Statutes

41-808.  Excess deposits. (1) If securities or assets deposited by an insurer under this chapter are subject to material fluctuations in market value, the director may, in his discretion, require the insurer to deposit and maintain on deposit additional securities or assets in such amount as may be reasonably necessary to assure that the deposit will at all times have a market value of not less than the amount specified under or pursuant to the law by which the deposit is required.
(2)  If not so required by the director, an insurer may at its option so deposit assets or securities in an amount exceeding its deposit required or otherwise permitted under this code by not more than twenty per cent (20%) of such required or permitted deposit, or twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), whichever is the larger amount, for the purpose of absorbing fluctuations in the value of securities and assets deposited, and to facilitate the exchange and substitution of such securities and assets. During the solvency of the insurer any such excess shall be released to the insurer upon its request. During the insolvency of the insurer, such excess deposit shall be released only as provided in section 41-812(2)(e)[, Idaho Code].

[41-808, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 177, p. 645.]

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