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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-912.  nonresident administrator license. (1) Unless an administrator has obtained a home state license in this state, any administrator who performs administrator duties in this state shall obtain a nonresident administrator license in accordance with the provisions of this section by filing with the director the uniform application, accompanied by a letter of certification. In lieu of requiring an administrator to file a letter of certification with the uniform application, the director may verify the nonresident administrator’s home state certificate of authority or license status through an electronic database maintained by the NAIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.
(2)  An administrator shall not be eligible for a nonresident administrator license under the provisions of this section if it does not hold a license in a home state that has adopted under the provisions of this chapter or a substantially similar law governing administrators.
(3)  Except as provided in subsections (2) and (8) of this section, the director shall issue to the administrator a nonresident administrator license promptly upon receipt of a complete application.
(4)  Each nonresident administrator shall file biennially, as a part of its application for renewal of its license, a statement that its home state administrator license remains in force and has not been revoked or suspended by its home state during the preceding years.
(5)  At the time of filing the application for licensing required under the provisions of this section the nonresident administrator shall pay a license application fee as provided for by rule.
(6)  An administrator licensed or applying for licensure under the provisions of this section shall produce its accounts, records and files for examination, and make its officers available to give information with respect to its affairs, as often as reasonably required by the director.
(7)  A nonresident administrator is not required to hold a nonresident administrator license in this state if the administrator is licensed in its home state and the administrator’s duties in this state are limited to:
(a)  The administration of a group policy or plan and no more than a total of twenty percent (20%) of covered persons, for all plans the administrator services, reside in this state; and
(b)  The total number of covered persons residing in this state is less than one hundred (100).
(8)  The director may refuse to issue a nonresident administrator license, or delay the issuance of a nonresident administrator license, if the director determines that, due to events or information obtained subsequent to the home state’s licensure of the administrator, the nonresident administrator cannot satisfy the requirements of this chapter or that grounds exist for the home state’s revocation or suspension of the administrator’s home state certificate of authority or license.

[41-912, added 2010, ch. 31, sec. 2, p. 56.]

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