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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-1308.  Appointment of lateral manager by director of department of water resources. (1) In the event that the water users or the board of directors of any lateral or ditch association do not meet and elect a lateral manager as provided for in this chapter or a lateral manager is not selected as otherwise provided by law, then, the director of the department of water resources may appoint and fix the compensation of a lateral manager, upon the written petition of a water user alleging that water is not being apportioned and distributed properly among the users from the ditch or lateral and that the rights of the water user are being injured thereby.
(2)  If the water users also have failed to elect association officers, the lateral manager appointed by the director may exercise the duties of the association officers, including the making and collection of assessments, but not the borrowing of money, as is necessary to achieve the proper allocation and distribution of water from the ditch or lateral and without regard to the statutory dates for the performance of these duties.
(3)  The lateral manager appointed by the director shall hold office only for the period of time fixed by the order of appointment and in no event beyond the remainder of the year in which appointed.
(4)  If the lateral is located within a water district established pursuant to chapter 6, title 42, Idaho Code, the director shall advise the district watermaster of the receipt of the petition and invite the watermaster to make recommendations concerning the need for appointment of a lateral manager and the person to be appointed.
(5)  Upon receipt of a petition filed pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the director shall make a reasonable effort to provide written notice of the petition to any irrigation district, canal company, or other water distribution entity that supplies water to the lateral, and to all persons having rights to the use of water from the lateral. Except in the case of serious threat of imminent injury to person or property, the director shall allow fourteen (14) days for written response to the petition.
(6)  Based upon a review of the petition, the responses thereto, the recommendations of the watermaster, if any, and any investigation by the department of water resources, the director shall issue an order with findings either appointing a lateral manager or declining to appoint a lateral manager. Any person aggrieved by the order of the director shall be entitled to request a hearing before the director pursuant to section 42-1701A, Idaho Code.

[42-1308, added 1999, ch. 217, sec. 1, p. 577.]

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