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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-1721.  Initial construction, lift construction, enlargement, or alteration of tailings impoundment structures — Submission of duplicate plans, drawings and specifications. Owners who shall desire to construct, or enlarge, or alter or repair, meaning only such alterations or repairs as may affect the safety of the structure, any mine tailings impoundment structure for the purpose of storing mine tailings slurry when the same is to be more than thirty (30) feet in height shall submit duplicate plans, drawings and specifications of the proposed work to the director, and construction of the new mine tailings impoundment structure, alteration or repair shall not be commenced until the owner has applied for and obtained written approval of the plans, drawings and specifications.
Owners of mine tailings impoundment structures upon which construction, lift construction, enlargement or alteration is under way on July 1, 1978, and for which plans, drawings and specifications would be required if such work had commenced subsequent to July 1, 1978, shall submit plans, drawings and specifications with respect to that portion of the work to be performed subsequent to July 1, 1978, as are required, together with the fee established hereinafter. In the event that the owner fails to submit such plans, drawings and specifications contemplated by this paragraph within sixty (60) days, the director shall give notice to owners to submit plans, drawings and specifications, and failure to submit plans, drawings and specifications within thirty (30) days of the date of mailing the notice shall be punishable as provided in this chapter. Construction, lift construction, enlargement, or alteration which is under way on July 1, 1978 may be stopped upon issuance of an order by the director for good cause shown, as determined by the director. The notice and/or order provided for in this paragraph shall state the good cause for stoppage determined by the director and shall be given by personal service or certified mail and a return receipt signed by the owner or responsible company shall constitute prima facie evidence of service.
Upon receipt of the plans, drawings and specifications, the director shall give consideration thereto and shall approve or disapprove the same within the time provided in this section, and if approved, the director shall affix his approval thereto and return one (1) copy of such plans, drawings and specifications, with his approval, to the party or parties proposing to construct the works.
Plans, drawings and specifications submitted to the director complete with fees shall be approved or disapproved in no more than sixty (60) days and in no less than fourteen (14) days after receipt. Defective plans, drawings and specifications made in a bona fide attempt to conform to the law and rules and regulations of the water resource board shall not be rejected but notice of defect stating in detail the defect or defects found in the plans, drawings or specifications shall be sent to the owner by certified mail. If within thirty (30) days of the date of mailing the notice the owner does not file amended plans, drawings and specifications, the plans, drawings and specifications shall be rejected and cancelled unless, for good cause shown, the director allows the owner further time.
The construction of all mine tailings impoundment structures under plans, drawings and specifications approved by the director shall be pursued with reasonable diligence to completion, taking into consideration the nature of and purpose for which said construction, lift construction, enlargement or alteration is made.
The plans, drawings and specifications shall include the following information:
(a)  The name and address of the owner.
(b)  The location, type, size and height of the proposed mine tailings impoundment structure and appurtenant works.
(c)  The storage capacity of the impoundment area.
(d)  Such other pertinent information as the director may require consistent with good engineering practice including the following:
(1)  Data concerning subsoil and foundation conditions and materials entering into construction of the mine tailings impoundment structure.
(2)  Investigations of, and reports on subsurface conditions involving such matters as exploratory pits, trenches, and adits, drilling, coring, geophysical surveys, tests to determine leakage rates, and physical tests to measure in place the property and behavior of foundation materials at the impoundment structure site.
(3)  Investigation of and reports on the geology of the impoundment structure site and its vicinity, possible geological hazards, availability and quality of construction materials, and other pertinent factors.
The plans, drawings and specifications shall be of such character and size setting forth such pertinent details and dimensions and in such form as the director requires consistent with good engineering practice. Plans, drawings and specifications which are submitted to the department shall be prepared by or under the direction of a professional engineer who is entitled to practice the profession of engineering pursuant to chapter 12, title 54, Idaho Code.
Where said mine tailings impoundment structure is, in the opinion of the director, not of sufficient importance to have the provisions of the section apply to such structure, then the director shall have power, upon written application, to suspend the provisions of this section in regard to such structure.

[42-1721, added 1978, ch. 309, sec. 12, p. 796.]

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