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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-3117.  Contracts submitted to voters — Notice — Election. Whenever any contract with the United States or any agency thereof or, the state, is proposed to be entered into by any district which would create indebtedness in excess of the moneys on hand or the funds to be realized from their budget for the year in which said contract is entered into, the board shall first submit the question to the qualified voters of the district at an election to be held, subject to the provisions of section 34-106, Idaho Code, for that purpose.
Notice of such election must be given as provided in section 34-1406, Idaho Code. The notice must specify the date of the holding of the election, the qualification of the voters, the nature of the contract set forth in general terms, and by reference shall give notice as to where a copy of such contract, proposed to be entered into, may be viewed by the qualified voters, one (1) of which places shall be with each of the commissioners of the district and such other places as the board may determine by their order. Said notice shall further set forth the amount of the contract, the amount of the funds, if any, which will be received from the United States, and/or the state, the amount that the district will be obligating itself to pay, the duration of construction and obligation of such contract, the estimate of the mill levy required for operation, maintenance and administrative expenses of the district, whether such obligation may be met, within the limitations imposed by the levy authorized by this chapter, or whether, in addition to voting upon the contract it will be necessary to vote upon an increase in the authorized levy.
The notice shall further state the hours between which the polls will be open, the definite place or places of holding the election, which shall be fixed by the board by its order, which order will require at least one (1) polling place in every division of the district, and the question to be voted upon.
The ballot shall contain the question to be voted upon and shall contain the words "Contract-Yes" and "Contract-No," or other words equivalent.
In the event such contract requires the district to call for a levy beyond the limitations imposed in section 42-3115, Idaho Code, then the ballot shall contain the question to be voted upon and shall contain the words "Contract and Levy-Yes" and "Contract and Levy-No" or other words equivalent.
In this election, the polling places shall be presided over by a board of election which shall be appointed by the board which shall consist of two (2) judges and a clerk, who shall be qualified voters of the division and the district. Before entering upon their duties each member of the board of election shall take an oath, which shall be administered by any qualified district voter before they shall perform their duties as such member of the board of election.
In such election the ballots used by the voters shall be kept in a sealed container until the polls are closed at the time specified in the notice of election and then shall be counted in open view.
It is intended that no informalities in the conduct of such election shall invalidate the same if the election shall have been otherwise fairly held.
The returns of such election shall be canvassed by the board which shall constitute the board of canvassers. All ballot boxes shall be returned to the board immediately upon the close of the polls and the counting of the ballots, and the ballots shall be canvassed not more than ten (10) days thereafter.
If upon the canvass of the votes it appears that the contract was approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the qualified voters voting at the election, then the contract will be considered to be approved.

[42-3117, added 1971, ch. 300, sec. 17, p. 1219; am. 1995, ch. 118, sec. 61, p. 477.]

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