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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-3202B.  Water and/or sewer districts meeting the criteria of recreational water and/or sewer districts — Creation. Each petition filed with the clerk of the district court pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be verified and the petitioner shall certify or prove to the satisfaction of the court that the district sought to be created is a recreational water and/or sewer district under the terms of section 42-3202A, Idaho Code. The court decree pursuant to the provision of section 42-3207, Idaho Code, determining the nature of such district pursuant to the petitioner’s prayer shall be conclusive for this and all other purposes. If the water and/or sewer district sought to be created is a recreational water and/or sewer district as defined in section 42-3202A, Idaho Code, such recreational water or sewer district shall be created in the manner provided in chapter 32, title 42, Idaho Code, except that the term, "qualified elector" shall mean any natural person who is qualified to vote in an Idaho general election, and who is an actual resident of the district, or who is an actual resident of Idaho, owning land within the boundaries of the district or area to be included within the district, or is a lease holder of a state recreational lease, or is a permit holder of a federal recreational use permit and pays personal property tax on improvements on the lease or permit area, irrespective of his or her place of residence in Idaho. The holder or holders of a bona fide contract to purchase any land within the proposed district whose names appear upon the next preceding county assessment roll for the payment of taxes on the land shall be deemed an owner of land for the purposes of this section.

[42-3202B, added 1979, ch. 272, sec. 2, p. 708; am. 1980, ch. 191, sec. 2, p. 422; am. 1982, ch. 364, sec. 2, p. 915; am. 1995, ch. 118, sec. 64, p. 479.]

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