Idaho Statutes

42-401.  Applications for use of public waters outside the state. (1) The state of Idaho is dedicated to the conservation of its public waters and the necessity to maintain adequate water supplies for the state’s water requirements. The state of Idaho also recognizes that under appropriate conditions the out-of-state use of its public waters is not in conflict with the public welfare of its citizens or the conservation of its waters.
(2)  Any person, firm or corporation or any other entity intending to withdraw water from any surface or underground water source in the state of Idaho for use outside the state or to change the place or purpose of use of a water right from a place in Idaho to a place outside the state shall file with the department of water resources an application for a permit to do so, subject to the requirements of chapter 2, title 42, Idaho Code.
(3)  In order to approve an application under this chapter, the director must find that the applicant’s use of water outside the state is consistent with the provisions of section 42-203A(5), Idaho Code. In addition, the director shall consider the following factors:
(a)  The supply of water available to the state of Idaho;
(b)  The current and reasonably anticipated water demands of the state of Idaho;
(c)  Whether there are current or reasonably anticipated water shortages within the state of Idaho;
(d)  Whether the water that is the subject of the application could feasibly be used to alleviate current or reasonably anticipated water shortages within the state of Idaho;
(e)  The supply and sources of water available to the applicant in the state where the applicant intends to use the water; and
(f)  The demands placed on the applicant’s supply in the state where the applicant intends to use the water.
(5)  By filing an application to use waters outside the state, the applicant shall submit to and comply with the laws of the state of Idaho governing the appropriation and use of water and any future changes to the water right.
(6)  The director is empowered to condition the permit to insure that the use of water in another state is subject to the same regulations and restrictions that may be imposed upon water use in the state of Idaho.
(7)  Upon submittal of the application, the applicant shall designate an agent in the state of Idaho for reception of service of process and other legal notices.
(8)  The director may, as a condition to the approval of an application under this chapter, require that the applicant shall file a certificate from the proper officer or official of the state where the water shall be used, showing to the satisfaction of the director that the intended use would be beneficial, and that the intended appropriation is feasible.

[42-401, added 1990, ch. 141, sec. 3, p. 316; am. 2014, ch. 245, sec. 1, p. 614.]

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