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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-4202.  Aquifer recharge district — Formation. For purposes of formation of the aquifer recharge district, a petition shall be presented to the department of water resources which shall set forth the object of the organization of the district and the benefits to be provided by the district. The petition shall be accompanied by a map of the proposed district which shall indicate the proposed boundaries of the district, the nature and location of the proposed diversion works and other facilities by means of which water is to be diverted into the recharge area, shall delineate the underground water basin or basins to be affected by the recharge, and shall designate the location of any streams or springs which shall be affected by the recharge. The petition and map shall be accompanied by a statement describing the details of the contemplated diversion works and facilities and an estimate of the cost of constructing such works and facilities, which statement and estimates shall be certified to by an engineer licensed by the state of Idaho.
The petition shall be signed by no less than fifty (50) percent of the water users located within the proposed boundaries of the district. For purposes of this act, "water users" shall include the following:
(1)  Individuals, or entities, exclusive of privately owned electrical generating companies, who are the holders of title or evidence of title to property, but without the boundaries of a municipality, who are the current holders of a right, acquired in accordance with the provisions of chapter 2, title 42, Idaho Code, to appropriate water in an amount equal to or in excess of one (1) cubic foot per second, and who divert water from underground basins within the area of recharge by means of a well or wells, or who divert water from springs or other water courses emerging from such underground basins, or both.
(2)  Municipalities which obtain water from underground basins in the area of recharge. A municipality may elect to be included within the proposed district by a majority vote of the members of its city council. The mayor of any municipality so electing may sign the petition on behalf of the municipality, and such municipality shall constitute one water user for purposes of securing the minimum number of signatures required for the petition.

[42-4202, added 1978, ch. 293, sec. 1, p. 727; am. 1979, ch. 8, sec. 1, p. 10; am. 1982, ch. 204, sec. 2, p. 539.]

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