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     Idaho Statutes

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42-4225.  Exclusion from the district — Procedure — Grounds for exclusion. After the formation of the district, any water user included within the district may file with the board of directors a petition in writing praying for exclusion from the district. All water users seeking exclusion as are united in interest or to which the same state of facts apply may unite in the same petition. The grounds for exclusion and the time limitations for filing any petition hereunder shall be as follows:
(1)  The water user will not be benefited by the functioning of the district. A petition alleging this ground for exclusion must be filed within ninety (90) days after the formal appointment of the first board of directors by the department of water resources. Any such petition filed after the ninety (90) day period has elapsed shall not be accepted or considered.
(2)  The water user has not benefited by the functioning of the district. A petition alleging this ground for exclusion shall be filed no earlier than five (5) years after the declaration of the formation of the district by the director of the department of water resources.
A petition alleging either of the foregoing grounds for exclusion shall be acknowledged by all the petitioners and shall state in detail the reasons why it is claimed that the petitioners should be excluded from the district.
Immediately after their formal appointment, the board of directors shall cause notice of the deadline for filing petitions under the provisions of subsection (1) of this section and a copy of the order of formation of the district and a map indicating the boundaries of the district to be posted in three (3) public places in each county in which a part of the district is situated. In addition, the board shall publish notice of the deadline and the locations at which the order of formation and map of the district may be inspected for at least four (4) successive weeks in a newspaper published or having general circulation in each of the counties in which any part of the district is situated.

[42-4225, added 1978, ch. 293, sec. 1, p. 738.]

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