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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-5235.  Judicial examination. (1) Prior to the incurring of indebtedness with a repayment term exceeding one (1) year, the board shall file a petition in the district court of the county in which the office of the board is located, pursuant to the provisions of sections 43-406 through 43-408, Idaho Code, as if the district were an irrigation district. Whenever any district which is required to file a petition hereunder has or proposes to enter into a contract or contracts with one (1) or more districts pursuant to law, and such other district or districts is authorized or required to bring a confirmation proceeding or proceedings pursuant to the provisions of section 43-406 or section 43-1808, Idaho Code, with respect to such contracts or the levy of assessments or the apportionment of costs, the boards of each of such other districts shall join in the filing of such petition, and the district court in which such petition is filed shall have jurisdiction to hear the petition and to grant the relief prayed for therein. Each such petition shall pray for a judicial examination and determination of any power conferred hereby or by any amendment hereto or of any assessment levied or of any apportionment of costs or of any act, proceeding or contract of the district or districts, whether or not said contracts shall have been executed, including, without limitation, proposed contracts for the reconstruction, rehabilitation, replacement and improvement of any well and other related structures and works and appurtenances, falling water contracts, contracts with other districts and contracts with other public and private persons, firms, corporations and associations. Such petition shall set forth the facts whereon the validity of such powers, assessments, apportionments, acts, proceedings or contracts is founded. Notice of the filing of said petition shall be given by the clerk of the court by mailing, and by publication in at least one (1) newspaper published and of general circulation within the boundaries of each district joining in the petition, or if no newspaper is so published within any district, then in a newspaper published in the same county in which any part of such district is located which is of general circulation in such district, pursuant to and in accordance with the requirements of section 43-407, Idaho Code, as if the district were an irrigation district under the seal thereof, stating in brief outline the contents of the petition and showing where a full copy of any contract or contracts, therein mentioned, may be examined.
(2)  Any ground water user in any district joining in the petition or any other person interested in the contracts or proposed contracts may appear and answer the petition at any time prior to the date fixed for the hearing or within such further time as may be allowed by the court; and the petition shall be taken as confessed by all persons who fail so to appear. The said petition and notice shall be sufficient to give the court jurisdiction and, upon hearing, the court shall examine into and determine all matters and things affecting the question submitted, shall examine all of the proceedings of all of the districts as set forth in the petition, shall hear all objections either filed in the proceeding or brought up from the hearings before any of the boards, shall correct all errors in the assessments and apportionments of costs, shall ratify, approve and confirm all apportionments of costs and assessments levied, shall make such findings with reference thereto and render a judgment and decree thereon approving and confirming all of the powers, assessments, apportionments, acts, proceedings and contracts of each of the districts as set forth in the petition as the case warrants. Costs may be divided or apportioned among the contesting parties in the discretion of the trial court. Review of the judgment of the court may be had as in other similar cases. The Idaho rules of civil procedure shall govern in matters of pleading and practice where not otherwise specified herein. The court shall disregard any error, irregularity or omission which does not affect the substantial rights of the parties. Except as provided herein, the provisions of sections 43-406 through 43-408, Idaho Code, shall apply to the proceeding herein authorized as though the ground water district were an irrigation district.

[42-5235, added 1995, ch. 290, sec. 1, p. 1000; am. 2016, ch. 113, sec. 3, p. 323.]

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