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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


43-1103.  Contents of petition — Supporting evidence — Representations, certification and liability. A petition for exclusion shall set forth all of the following:
1.  A description of the land of each petitioner for which exclusion is requested;
2.  The reasons why it is claimed the tract or tracts should be excluded and that, except for residential lands for which exclusion is requested under subsection (a)3 or (a)4 of section 43-1102, Idaho Code, the lands sought to be excluded are not benefited by the water rights, or by the irrigation in, or drainage by the district, or by ground water subject to recapture and use by the district and the exclusion will be for the best interests (1) of the owner of the land proposed to be excluded and (2) of the other lands in the district.
3.  The petition shall be accompanied by such evidence of ownership of the land as is satisfactory to the board of directors of the district and, except for lands for which exclusion is requested under subsection (a)3 or (a)4 of section 43-1102, Idaho Code, by a deposit for costs in the amount established by the directors of the district as provided in section 43-1105, Idaho Code. The board of directors of the district shall return to the petitioner any petition not accompanied by both such proof of ownership and the filing and exclusion fees set by section 43-1101, Idaho Code, and no further action shall be required of the board with respect to such petition.
A petition for exclusion filed with an irrigation district constitutes representations to the district by the petitioner or petitioners that the facts stated in the petition are true and correct and that no mortgagee or other person holds a lien of record in the county where the land for which exclusion is requested is located, for which the lienholder’s consent to the exclusion is required or that, if such consent is required, the consent has been granted by the lienholder. The petitioner shall be liable for any expenses or damages to lienholders or to other landowners or to the district resulting directly or indirectly from wrongful exclusion of lands by reason of untrue or incorrect statements in the petition.

[(43-1103) I.C. sec. 43-1101B, as added by 1972, ch. 325, sec. 3, p. 804; am. 1978, ch. 312, sec. 3, p. 804; am. and redesignated, 1990, ch. 181, sec. 3, p. 388.]

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