Idaho Statutes

43-727.  County officers — Collection of district assessments. The board of directors of any irrigation district organized under the laws of this state desiring to provide for the collection of district assessments by the county officers instead of the district treasurer, may do so by adopting a resolution providing for such collection by the county officers, and furnishing a copy thereof to the county auditor of each county in which any of the district lands are located:[;] provided, that the county commissioners of said county or counties, must first by unanimous vote concur in and agree to such resolution by a proper resolution made and entered upon the minutes of such board or boards of county commissioners. Such resolution may provide that only assessments against lands subdivided into tracts of four (4) acres or less shall be collected by the county officers. In addition to collection fees otherwise provided by law, the county commissioners may levy an additional fee against the irrigation district for the cost of transferring records and initiating the collection process. After the adoption of such resolution the board of directors of such district shall furnish the county auditor of each county in which any part of the district lands are located a duplicate or certified copy of any apportionment of benefits which has been made, and copy of the list or map showing said apportionment theretofore made in such district, and a notice of any district bond issue or district contract with the United States, stating clearly the amount thereof, the rate of interest, and the conditions of payment, and each year thereafter shall furnish the said auditor or auditors a certified copy, or duplicate, of any additional apportionment, including any annual apportionment for operation and maintenance purposes, and shall each year furnish such auditor or auditors a certified copy, or duplicate of the levy or assessment made by the order of said board of directors for operation and maintenance purposes, including organization expenses and maintenance of the district organization. All tracts benefited to the same extent, on a proportionate basis, by the water rights and irrigation system of the district, and by the operation and maintenance thereof, shall be included in a separate category plainly identified in the list showing said apportionment of benefits. After the receipt of said copy of such resolution of the board of directors of any irrigation district, the county auditor shall each year enter upon the county assessment roll against the property therein described the levy so made by the board of directors of said district as shown upon the copy or duplicate thereof furnished to the said auditor as above provided, in manner similar to that in which other municipal school or road district assessments are entered by him on said assessment roll, except that the sum assessed and charged against each description of land therein contained for such irrigation district purposes shall be entered by the auditor as the operation and maintenance assessment of the …. irrigation district against the same. Such district operation and maintenance tax shall be collected and accounted for by the county officers in the same manner as other municipal taxes and paid over to the district treasurer together with any penalties or interest collected thereon, and the collection thereof shall be enforced in the same manner, and neglect to pay the same shall be subject to the same penalties as the other taxes of the county:[;] provided, however, that the collection of such district assessments by such county officers, as herein provided, shall not make the bonds, contracts and interests due from such irrigation districts the obligation of such county or counties.

[(43-727) 1923, ch. 178, 1st par. of sec. 1, p. 276; I.C.A., sec. 42-726; am. 1978, ch. 274, sec. 1, p. 638.]

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