Idaho Statutes

44-1002.  Terms of employment and wage contracts. In all contracts hereafter let for state, county, municipal, and school construction, repair, and maintenance work under any of the laws of this state there shall be inserted in each of said contracts a provision by which the contractor must employ ninety-five percent (95%) bona fide Idaho residents as employees on any job under any such contract except where under such contracts fifty (50) or less persons are employed the contractor may employ ten percent (10%) nonresidents, provided, however, in all cases employers must give preference to the employment of bona fide residents in the performance of said work, and no contract shall be let to any person, firm, association, or corporation refusing to execute an agreement with the above mentioned provisions in it; provided, that, in contracts involving the expenditure of federal aid funds this act shall not be enforced in such a manner as to conflict with or be contrary to the federal statutes prescribing a labor preference to honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, and marines, prohibiting as unlawful any other preference or discrimination among citizens of the United States.

[44-1002, added 1933, ch. 111, sec. 1[2], p. 176; reen. 1935, ch. 140, sec. 1, p. 346; am. 1939, ch. 33, sec. 2, p. 70; am. 1985, ch. 3, sec. 2, p. 7.]

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