Idaho Statutes

44-501.  Employers to make statement. It shall be the duty of any person, persons, company or corporation engaged in working any mine, mines, mining premises or in developing any mining claim or claims, whether quartz or placer, or in the running of any tunnel, or in the erection or repair of any building or other structure, or in the construction of any canal, ditch, railroad, wagon road or aqueduct, in every case where mechanics or laborers are employed in or about the properties above-mentioned to make, record and publish a statement under oath, setting forth the following data:
1.  The name or names of the owner or owners of the mine, mines, mining claims or premises, tunnel, building, canal, ditch, railroad, wagon road, aqueduct or other structure upon which work is being done or upon which it is intended to begin work.
2.  The name or names of the person, persons, company or corporation engaged in, or who contemplates engaging in, work upon any of the properties or structures mentioned herein.
3.  The conditions under which said person, persons, company or corporation is prosecuting said work, whether as owner, agent, lessee, contractor, subcontractor, contemplative purchaser or lienholder.
4.  The principal office of said person, persons, company or corporation, and, if a corporation, the state or county where incorporated and the agent in this state on whom service may be had.
5.  The day of the week or month when payment of the laborers, mechanics and materialmen will be made, and the place where said payments will be made.
6.  A statement of all mortgages and liens against the property on which work is being done, with the amount of each of said encumbrances and whether or not the same is due.

[(44-501) 1899, p. 365, sec.sec. 1, 2; compiled and reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 1446; C.S., sec. 2311; I.C.A., sec. 43-401.]

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