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47-1510.  Vegetation planting. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this act, an operator shall plant, on affected lands, vegetation species that can be expected to result in vegetation comparable to the vegetation that was growing on the area occupied by the affected lands prior to the exploration and mining operations.
(b)  No planting shall be required on any affected lands, or portions thereof, where planting would not be practicable or reasonable because the soil is composed of sand, gravel, shale, stone or other material to such an extent as to prohibit plant growth.
(c)  No planting shall be required to be made with respect to any of the following:
(1)  On any mined area or overburden pile proposed to be used in the mining operations for haulage roads, as long as such roads are not abandoned.
(2)  On any mined area or overburden pile where lakes are formed by rainfall or drainage runoff from the adjoining lands.
(3)  On any mineral stockpile.
(4)  On any exploration trench that will become a part of any pit or overburden disposal area.
(5)  On any road that the operator intends to use in his mining operations, as long as said road has not been abandoned.

[47-1510, added 1971, ch. 206, sec. 10, p. 898; am. 2019, ch. 226, sec. 10, p. 702.]

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