Idaho Statutes

47-1704.  Definitions. (1) "Abandoned mine" means a mine deserted by the operator, having no regular maintenance, and not covered by a valid mining claim.
(2)  "Affected land" means the land adjacent to an eligible mine that is, or may be, adversely affected by past mining operations.
(3)  "Board" means the state board of land commissioners or such department, commission, or agency as may lawfully succeed to the powers and duties of such board.
(4)  "Director" means the head of the department of lands or such officer as may lawfully succeed to the powers and duties of said director.
(5)  "Eligible mine" means an abandoned mine located on land owned by the state or federal government or an abandoned mine located on private land when the owner of the private land has requested, and the board has granted, designation as an eligible mine.
(6)  "Mine" means an area where valuable minerals were extracted from the earth and includes all associated development areas including, but not limited to, milling and processing areas, overburden disposal areas, stockpiles, roads, tailings ponds and other areas disturbed at the mining operation site.
(7)  "Operator" means any person or persons, any partnership, limited partnership, or corporation, or any association of persons, either natural or artificial including, but not limited to, every public or governmental agency engaged in mining or mineral exploration operations, whether individually, jointly, or through subsidiaries, agents, employees, or contractors and shall mean every governmental agency owning or controlling the use of any mine when the mineral extracted is to be used by or for the benefit of such agency. It shall not include any governmental agency with respect to those mining or mineral exploration operations as to which it grants mineral leases or prospecting permits or similar contracts, but nothing herein shall relieve the operator acting pursuant to a mineral lease, prospecting permit or similar contract from the terms of this chapter.
(8)  "Valuable mineral" shall have the same meaning as "valuable mineral" defined in section 47-1205, Idaho Code.

[47-1704, added 1994, ch. 220, sec. 1, p. 703; am. 1999, ch. 44, sec. 6, p. 106.]

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