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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-1814.  Disposition of low-valued vehicles. (1) If the vehicle is appraised at a value not exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars ($750), the provisions of sections 49-1809 through 49-1811, Idaho Code, shall not apply, and the person or public agency which removed the vehicle shall:
(a)  Prepare a certificate containing a description of the vehicle stating the appraised value of the vehicle and indicating one (1) of the following:
1.  The agency which requested the tow has submitted a certified statement that a declaration of opposition has not been received.
2.  The registered and legal owners have signed a certified release disclaiming any interest, which release shall be included with the certificate.
3.  The vehicle is in a condition that vehicle identification numbers are not available to determine owners of record.
(b)  Upon completion of the certificate, execute and deliver a bill of sale, together with a copy of the certificate, to the possessory lienholder, who shall endorse the bill of sale to an automobile parts dealer or to a scrap processor for disposal.
(2)  Automobile parts dealers acquiring vehicles which are the subject of certificates prepared and forwarded pursuant to this section shall be excused from any fees which would otherwise be due to the department.
(3)  A public agency may authorize, by contract, the removal or disposal of low-valued vehicles. The contract shall be issued to the lowest responsible bidder. Bills of sale shall then be executed and delivered, pursuant to subsection (1)(b) of this section, to the contractor.
(4)  The following persons shall have the authority to make appraisals for purposes of this chapter:
(a)  Any member of the Idaho state police;
(b)  Any regularly employed and salaried deputy sheriff or other employee designated by the sheriff of any county;
(c)  Any regularly employed and salaried peace officer or other employee designated by the chief of police of any city;
(d)  Any officer or employee of the division of motor vehicles designated by the director;
(e)  Any regularly salaried employee of a city, county, or city and county designated by a board of county commissioners or by a city council; or
(f)  Any regularly employed and salaried peace officer or other employee of the department of parks and recreation designated by the director of that department.
(5)  An appraiser, upon completion of an appraisal within the meaning of this chapter, shall notify the department of the appraisal and of the facts upon which the appraisal was based.

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