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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-2206.  Enforcement. (1) The provisions of this chapter and any rules adopted under it shall be enforced anywhere in the state by an authorized agent of the director or by any peace officer, except for conservation officers of the department of fish and game. Such authorized officers may detain and inspect any sealed or unsealed vehicle, container, or shipment which contains or which they have reason to believe contains hazardous material or wastes while in transit or in maintenance facilities or terminals, or on other public or private property to which the public has access, to ascertain if hazardous materials or wastes are being loaded, unloaded, stored or transported, and to inspect the contents, take samples thereof, and to otherwise insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter and of all rules adopted under section 67-2901A, Idaho Code, or chapter 44, title 39, Idaho Code. If a seal is opened for inspection, the inspecting officer shall reseal any vehicle, container or shipment prior to further transportation. Property used in violation of the laws may be seized and used as evidence.
(2)  For the purposes of this chapter and chapter 44, title 39, Idaho Code, the transporter is responsible for the cleanup of any hazardous material/hazardous waste discharge in, on and outside the vehicle, or any one (1) or more of such locations, that occurs during transportation and must take such action as may be required so that the discharge no longer presents a hazard to public health, safety, or the environment.
(3)  The board is authorized to suspend or revoke any permit or endorsement issued pursuant to this chapter if it is determined that any material provision of the permit or endorsement has been violated or if the driver, owner, lessee, or custodian of a permitted vehicle has been convicted of two (2) or more violations within a calendar year of any combination of statutes or rules relative to hazardous materials or hazardous waste. In any action to suspend or revoke, the board shall comply with the procedures specified in chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code. Should the board have reasonable cause to believe that there exists any immediate danger to the public health, safety or environment, it may issue an emergency order suspending any permit or endorsement granted under this chapter for a reasonable period not to exceed fourteen (14) days.

[49-2206, added 1988, ch. 265, sec. 458, p. 816; am. 1999, ch. 383, sec. 10, p. 1066.]

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