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49-2443.  Application. Application for an identification card must be made in person before an authorized agent of the department. The authorized agent shall obtain the following from the applicant:
(1)  The true and full name and Idaho residence address and mailing address, if different, of the applicant;
(2)  The identity and date of birth of the applicant as set forth in a certified copy of his birth certificate and, subject to subsection (6) of this section, other satisfactory evidence of identity acceptable to the authorized agent or the department;
(3)  The height and weight of the applicant;
(4)  The color of eyes and hair of the applicant;
(5)  The applicant’s signature; and
(6)  The applicant’s social security number as verified by the social security administration.
(a)  The requirement that an applicant provide a social security number as verified by the social security administration shall apply only to applicants who have been assigned a social security number.
(b)  An applicant who has not been assigned a social security number shall:
(i)   Present written verification from the social security administration that the applicant has not been assigned a social security number; and
(ii)  Submit a birth certificate, passport or other documentary evidence issued by an entity other than a state or the United States; and
(iii) Submit such proof as the department may require that the applicant is lawfully present in the United States.

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