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49-315.  Licenses issued to drivers. (1) The department shall issue to every qualifying applicant a distinguishing driver’s license as applied for, which shall bear a distinguishing number assigned to the licensee, the full name, date of birth, Idaho residence address, sex, weight, height, eye color, hair color, color photograph, name of this state, date of issuance, date of expiration, license class, endorsements, restrictions, and the applicant’s signature. If an applicant has submitted an application pursuant to the provisions of chapter 58, title 19, Idaho Code, then the applicant’s driver’s license shall contain his or her alternative Idaho mailing address in place of his or her Idaho residence address. Driver’s licenses for persons under eighteen (18) years of age shall include a notation "under 18 until (month, day, year)," and driver’s licenses for persons eighteen (18) years of age to twenty-one (21) years of age shall include a notation "under 21 until (month, day, year)." No driver’s license shall be valid until it has been signed on the signature line of the license by the licensee. Driver’s licenses for persons who are United States citizens shall, where possible, include the notation "USA."
(2)  Every driver’s license shall bear a color photograph of the licensee, which shall be taken by the examiner at the time the application is made. The photograph shall be taken without headgear or other clothing or device that disguises or otherwise conceals the face or head of the applicant. A waiver may be granted by the department allowing the applicant to wear headgear or other head covering for medical, religious or safety purposes as long as the face is not disguised or otherwise concealed. At the request of the applicant, a driver’s license may contain a statement or indication of the medical condition of the licensee.
(3)  The department shall notify the commercial driver license information system that a class A, B or C driver’s license has been issued as required by 49 CFR parts 383 and 384.
(4)  A licensee applying for a hazardous material endorsement on a driver’s license shall have a security background records check and shall receive clearance from the federal transportation security administration before the endorsement can be issued, renewed or transferred as required by 49 CFR part 383, subject to procedures established by the federal transportation security administration.
(5)  A licensee who desires to donate any or all organs or tissue in the event of death, and who has completed a document of gift pursuant to the provisions for donation of anatomical gifts as set forth in chapter 34, title 39, Idaho Code, may, at the option of the donor, indicate this desire on the driver’s license by the imprinting of the word "donor" on the license. The provisions of this subsection shall apply to licensees fifteen (15) years of age or older but less than eighteen (18) years of age if the requirements provided in chapter 34, title 39, Idaho Code, have been complied with and the donor indicates this desire be placed on the license.
(6)  A licensee who is a person with a permanent disability may request that the notation "permanently disabled" be imprinted on the driver’s license, provided the licensee presents written certification from a licensed physician verifying that the licensee’s stated impairment qualifies as a permanent disability according to the provisions of section 49-117, Idaho Code.
(7)  A licensee who is a veteran may request that his or her status as such be designated on the driver’s license at no additional cost. Any such request shall be accompanied by proof of being a current or former member of the United States armed forces. Upon request and submission of satisfactory proof, the department shall indicate such person’s status as a veteran on any class of driver’s license issued pursuant to this section. Such designation shall be made upon original issuance or renewal of a driver’s license. Designation shall also be made on any duplicate driver’s license issued, provided that the fee for such duplicate driver’s license is paid in accordance with section 49-306, Idaho Code.
Satisfactory proof of being a current or former member of the United States armed forces must be furnished by an applicant to the department before a designation of veteran status will be indicated on any class of driver’s license. Acceptable proof shall be a copy of form DD214 or an equivalent document or statement from the department of veterans affairs that identifies a character of service upon separation as "honorable" or "general under honorable conditions."

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