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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


50-1007.  Certification and collection of city taxes. The council of each city not later than the second Monday in September, as provided in section 63-803(3), Idaho Code, shall certify to the county commissioners of the county, the total amount required from a property tax upon property within the city to raise the amount of money fixed by their budget as previously approved which shall include all special taxes assessed as provided by law. The amount which may be so certified, assessed and collected shall not exceed the maximum levy provided by section 50-235, Idaho Code, to defray its general expenses for either the current or the ensuing fiscal year, together with any special taxes, authorized under the provisions of this act, and such tax as may be authorized by law to be levied for the payment of outstanding bonds and debts. In all sales for delinquent city taxes, if there be other delinquent taxes from the same person, or lien upon the same property, the sale shall be for all the delinquent taxes; and such sales and all sales made under and by virtue of this section or the provisions of law herein referred to shall be of the same validity, and in all respects be deemed and treated as though sales had been made for delinquent state and county taxes exclusively.

[50-1007, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 167, p. 1249; am. 1972, ch. 14, sec. 1, p. 18; am. 1976, ch. 45, sec. 7, p. 126; am. 1977, ch. 184, sec. 1, p. 514; am. 1996, ch. 322, sec. 51, p. 1079.]

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