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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


50-1019.  Purposes for which bonds may be issued — Limitation on amount. Every city incorporated under the laws of the territory of Idaho or of the state of Idaho shall have power and authority to issue city coupon bonds not to exceed in aggregate at any time, ten per cent (10%) of the assessed full cash valuation [two per cent (2%) of the market value for assessment purposes] of the real and personal property in said city, according to the assessment of the preceding year, for any or all of the purposes specified [in subsections 1 through 10 of this section,] as follows:
1.  To provide for constructing, laying out, grading, curbing, draining, sidewalking or otherwise improving streets, alleys, intersections, crossings and crosswalks; and to construct, or aid in the construction of bridges across streams within or contiguous to, or within one (1) mile of the exterior limits of, such city.
2.  To provide for the funding, refunding, purchase and redemption of the outstanding indebtedness, bonds may be issued under this section for such purposes, without submission of the question of issuance of such bonds to the electors of the city, when the same can be done to the profit and benefit of such city without incurring any additional liability.
3.  To provide for the establishment of hospitals and cemeteries, either within or without the corporate limits of such city.
4.  To provide for the purchase, improvement and equipment of lands and buildings thereon, for public parks, monuments, recreation facilities and zoos, either within or without the corporate limits of such city.
5.  To provide for the purchase, erection, construction and furnishing of city public libraries.
6.  To provide for the establishment of a fire department by the purchase of building sites, buildings, and suitable equipment and apparatus necessary to provide fire protection.
7.  To provide for the purchase, acquisition, improvement and equipment of aviation facilities either wholly or partly within or without the corporate limits of such city, or wholly or partly within or without the state of Idaho.
8.  To provide for flood control by acquisition and purchase of right-of-way and to establish, alter, enlarge, improve, reconstruct and change the channels of watercourses or any stream, river or body of water within or without the corporate limits of the city.
9.  To provide for the acquisition, construction, remodeling, improvement or otherwise, of buildings for public use, together with all necessary appurtenant facilities and equipment, including all necessary land for building sites, either within or without the corporate limits of such city.
10.  To provide for the purchase, acquisition, erection and construction of off-street parking sites, structures, buildings, facilities, equipment and appurtenances.
11.  To provide for the purchase, acquisition, improvement and equipment of transit systems.
All bonds of any municipality which were issued, sold and delivered to the purchasers thereof prior to April 12, 1967, for the purpose of providing for the building, laying, construction, equipment, extension, enlargement, alteration, improvement or maintenance of storm sewers or sanitary sewerage systems, shall be excluded when determining the aggregate amount of bonds of any city issued hereunder which are outstanding for the purpose of computing the debt limitation provided for in the first paragraph of this section.

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