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50-1807.  Levying of annual assessments to defray operating and maintenance costs. The clerk of such city which shall acquire and operate a city irrigation system under sections 50-1801 through 50-1835, Idaho Code, shall act as the assessor of such irrigation system and shall, on or before the fourth Monday of January of each year, prepare an assessment book containing a full and accurate list and description of all of the lots, parcels, pieces and tracts of land within the boundaries of such city irrigation system to which irrigation water is being supplied by such system, and a list of the persons who own, claim or have in possession or control thereof during said year, giving the number of acres in the unplatted portion of such city and the number of the lots and blocks within the boundaries of such city irrigation system listed to each person. The mayor and council of such city shall, on or before the second Wednesday of February of each year, meet and make an estimate of the necessary funds for the expenses of maintaining, operating, improving, extending and enlarging said city irrigation system for the current fiscal year. Said estimate shall also include a reasonable sum not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the total estimate for anticipated unpaid and delinquent taxes and such sum as may be necessary to retire outstanding warrants, indebtedness, sinking funds, bonds and interest of a city irrigation system, and shall spread the same upon their minutes and shall thereupon apportion to each lot, piece or parcel of land within the boundaries of such irrigation system in proportion to the benefits received by such lot, piece or parcel of land growing out of the maintenance and operation of such irrigation system. Such assessment shall be immediately carried out by the city clerk and entered under appropriate columns on the assessment roll. Said assessment roll shall contain an appropriate column for each item assessed and shall be subject to review by the mayor and council of the city as hereinafter provided. On or before the first day of March of each year the city clerk must give notice of the time the mayor and council shall meet to correct the assessments so made; said notice shall be published twice at intervals of not less than six (6) days in the official newspaper to give notice when the mayor and council will meet to correct such assessments so levied and assessed as herein provided. The time fixed for such meeting shall not be later than the twentieth day of March of each year and in the meantime the assessment books shall remain in the office of the city clerk for the inspection of any person interested.

[50-1807, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 362, p. 1249; am. 2001, ch. 186, sec. 1, p. 649.]

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