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50-201.  Proof of corporate existence — Effect of this act. The corporate name of each city governed by this act shall be City of ….. All courts within the county in which such city is situated shall take judicial notice of the corporate capacity and existence of such city, and of the fact that such city is identical with, and a continuation of such former corporation. In all other courts of the state the corporate capacity and existence of such city may be proved by copies of the certificate of incorporation, required to be filed with the secretary of state, duly authenticated, declaring the same to be a city.
All by-laws, ordinances and resolutions lawfully passed and in force in any city under its former organization, shall remain in full force and effect until altered or repealed by the mayor and council under the provisions of this act.
The territorial limits of each city shall remain the same as under its former organization; but such territorial limits may be extended or changed as may be provided by law; and the rights and property of every description which are vested in any city under its former organization shall remain in full force and effect.
Each city shall be the successor of its former organization and shall have perpetual succession. No right or liability of any city, either in favor of or against it, existing at the time, and no suit or prosecution of any kind shall be affected by such change. It shall have and exercise all powers, functions, rights and privileges, now or hereafter granted it, and shall be subject to all the duties, obligations, liabilities and limitations now or hereafter imposed upon such city by the constitution and laws of the state of Idaho.
Processes and notices affecting corporations shall be served upon the mayor and in his absence upon the clerk or in the absence of such officers, then by leaving a certified copy at the office of the clerk.

[50-201, added 1967, ch. 429, sec. 5, p. 1249; am. 1982, ch. 121, sec. 1, p. 347.]

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