Idaho Statutes

50-2506.  Costs and feasibility report. The public utility or utilities report shall set forth an estimate of the total costs of extension or conversion. The report shall also contain the public utility’s recommendations concerning the feasibility of the project for the district proposed insofar as the physical characteristics of the district are concerned. The report shall make recommendations by the public utility concerning inclusion or exclusion of areas within the district or immediately adjacent to the district. The governing body shall give careful consideration to the public utility’s recommendations concerning feasibility, recognizing their expertise in this area, and may amend the boundaries of the proposed improvement district provided that the costs and feasibility report of the public utility contains a cost figure on the district as amended, or it may request a new costs and feasibility report from the public utilities concerned on the basis of the amended district. The cost estimate contained in the report shall not be considered binding on the public utility if construction is not commenced within six (6) months of the submission of the estimate for reasons not within the control of the utility. Should such a delay result in a significant increase in the conversion cost, new hearings shall be held on the creation of the district. In the event that a ten per cent (10%) or less increase results, only the hearing on the assessments need be held again.

[50-2506, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923; am. 1991, ch. 301, sec. 5, p. 792.]

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