Idaho Statutes

50-2507.  Resolution declaring intention to create district. On the filing with the clerk or any governing body of the cost and feasibility report by the public utility, as hereinbefore provided, and after considering the same, the governing body may, at any regular or special meeting, pass a resolution declaring its intention to create a local improvement district. The resolution shall state that the costs and expenses of the district created are, except as otherwise provided for, specifying the contribution of the governing body or others, if any, to be levied and assessed upon the abutting, adjoining, and adjacent lots and land along or upon which improvements are to be made, and upon lots and lands benefited by such improvements and included in the improvement district created; that it is the intention of the governing body to make such improvement which will promote public convenience, necessity and welfare; and shall further state the area and boundaries of the proposed improvement district, the character of the proposed improvement, the estimated total cost of the same, and that the governing body will hold a hearing on the proposed improvements at which time they will consider protests filed with the governing body against the proposed improvements for the creation of the district.

[50-2507, as added by 1971, ch. 212, sec. 1, p. 923.]

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